Transitions – Connections Between Art, Health and Wellbeing


This exhibition is a showcase of works made by a group of University of South Wales graduate students from the Arts, Health and Wellbeing MA. The eclectic projects showcase a range of mediums, approaches, participant engagement groups and subject matter whilst being bound by the common thread of how art can serve as a vital catalyst for health and wellbeing.

The intersections of artistic expression we hope to reveal and celebrate the diverse trajectories, transformations and transitions present for these artists, their practices and within this field. We invite you to engage in this dialogue with us through the work and programme activity.

Graduates from MA Arts practice: Arts, Health and Wellbeing Collective: Charlotte Anstey, Artisan Avenue, Francis Barratt, Rebecca Burton, Ruth Flanagan, Celeste Ingrams, Will James, Joanne Leyshon, Lisa Marie Mansfield.

Opening Hours:

Wednesday 6th December – 5:30pm – 8pm
Thursday 7th December – 11am – 7pm
Friday 8th December – 11am – 9pm
Saturday 9th December – 11am – 7pm
Sunday 10th December – 11am – 7pm
Monday 11th December – 11am – 7pm
Tuesday 12th December – 11am – 7pm